Ecozz Ecoshopper Custom Made

Just as you would expect it is perfect for promoting your company, brand or your customer. By having your own high quality Ecoshopper you make a powerfull statement and it shows your commitment to quality, sustainability as well as a having a trendy eye for the future. Many companies already designed their own Ecozz Ecoshopper, so what is keeping you?
Do you have a unique design, logo or creative idea? Please let us know and we will realise it!

Ecoshopper Specifications:
· 100% rPet ( recycled waterbottles)
· Closing by zipper
· Capacity of 20kg
· Double hems for comfortable wear
· Water-resistant - Washable (no fading)
· Foldable by button
· Size 47x41cm

Additional options:
· Your own custom sidelabel
· No zipper
· Hangtag with ean
· Custom (retail) packaging


Full Color Sublimation:
Perfectly suitable for high quality, detailed prints like photographs, images, paintings or your own design. The design will be printed on both sides of the Ecoshopper . This Standard Ecoshopper will include a zipper. Minimum qty 500 pieces

What are you waiting for?
Please let us know what you want by contacting us via e-mail or phone; we will help you design & visualise your own, unique Ecoshopper!